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Battlefield 3 Condemned Animal Lovers Group


Controversy was never spared from human life, even for large industrial class video game. Recorded several games reap sensation like this due to some content that is at odds with the perception of a particular group. There is a Grand Theft Auto who claimed to be the source of numerous acts of violence in schools in the United States. There Medal of Honor that was criticized because of the Taliban that they present in the game. Now, turn the EA FPS game that is being targeted. Believe it or not, the humane society condemned this war game. What is the relation?

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which is famous for its viewpoints fairly extreme environmentalists have become parties denounced. The reason? You probably would laugh, especially you who have played the single player mode in Battlefield 3. PETA denounced scene where our main character, Blackburn, with a “sadistic” killing rats trying to bite him in the gutter. This scene is believed PETA can trigger kids who play this game to replicate the same act in the real world.

I’m more looking at PETA’s stance as something hyperbolic and ridiculous Ngada. It would be much more understandable if they are condemned if indeed there are scenes of killing a rare animal in BF3. But for a rat? These animals are even more abundant than humans on earth. PETA also had the same controversy when in the past they also criticized the game Angry Birds seen as supporting violence against animals. What do you think? Is this reasonable criticism? Or you will join me and do a facepalm together?



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