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Go Go Power Ranger Online!

Who is not familiar with the movie Power Rangers, the film introduces several prominent defenders of truth to combat crime that comes with cool fight scenes and also a giant robot named Megazord? The film adaptation of super sentai it was popular in the 90s, attracted the attention of many lovers of superhero-themed film, became one of the film with the popularity that never goes out.

The movie fame to bring push Ntreev Soft Power Rangers Online games that can be played massif. The game closed beta period will open November 3 in South Korea.

Online Game Power Ranger is manifold side scrolling action, ie take angle from the side. In this game, players can compete against friends to fight together in a level. Players can also create their own characters and iconic characters as you select a color in the film.

About Ntreev Soft
Ntreev Soft is a game developer from Korea. One of their default game never entered into Indonesia is Pang-Ya. This game also was popular and played a lot of gamers in Indonesia. Does the presence of the Power Ranger Online will increase their popularity like then? Let’s look together!



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