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Nintendo Wii-U will be Completed At E3 2012 Upcoming

I wonder what happened with Nintendo, but the giant companies in the gaming industry continues to show declining trend in the quality of worrying. His defeat in the Japanese market, the financial loss to hundreds of millions of dollars, until a new console that did not attract the market into several main reasons that caused this to happen. Even the few analysts who predicted that if they do not change, Nintendo will fall like Sega in the past. No one can help in addition to innovation should be re-presented as the main feature of Nintendo. The only way is to rely on the future of the Nintendo Wii-U.

But the Wii-U yourself a “time introduction of” bad. The first presentation was held Nintendo at E3 2011 last actually has brought more confusion than clarity. “Innovation” Nintendo is not too significant and the decision to go back on a conventional controller while the other competitors on the controller without physically moving to a policy that is less popular. Shares are down and disappointment gamers clearly defined. However Nintendo remains optimistic The president – Satoru Iwata promised that the final version of the Nintendo Wii U will be completed at E3 2012.

As a prototype that will be launched within a period of one year, the Nintendo Wii-U is still in the dark shadows that are difficult to diterawang. There are no exclusive title, there is no picture as to what the game will come around, there is no clear any developer who support it, and there has been no official publication that demonstrate the power of this new console are true. Keep in mind also when physical form Nintendo Wii-U still might change if necessary and you still need to use the large controller!

As a gamer, I personally still want Nintendo to stay afloat in the competitive gaming industry. As a company that became the foundation and became one of the first to raise this industry, it would be ironic and sad if it should look like Sega Nintendo must be uprooted in the past. But if the Wii U can really compete? With Sony and Microsoft, which reportedly will release the next generation consoles in 2013, with the ability to run Unreal Engine 4, the Nintendo looks difficult.



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