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Rockstar Show Trailer Prime GTA V!

Finally!! GTA V debut trailer to appear! In accordance with the promise they currently provide little information about the game last week, Rockstar really show you a trailer for the new game in the series of the legendary Grand Theft Auto!

Just like most premiere trailer released by a game developer, GTA V debut trailer is not a lot of give you an idea what it will be in the game later. One thing is clear, if you are a big fan of the series Grand Theft Auto, you will immediately recognize something that is seen very clearly in the trailer, the city of Los Santos! Yes, according to the little information revealed last week, Rockstar again showing one of the cities of the state of San Andreas which is the background of the place of their previous games, GTA: San Andreas.

Los Santos (representation of Los Angles, California) is displayed in the trailer seems no longer the city in 1992 as found in GTA: San Andreas, however, the various elements of the corner of the city is still felt familiar. Unfortunately, Rockstar is still not showing signs of whether the two other cities in the state of San Andreas, San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas), will also be present again, the two cities are not seen in the trailer premiere GTA V.

In addition, other information such as the elements of gameplay that will be presented in GTA V is also not shown in the trailer premiere. This obviously makes Grand Theft Auto fans even wondered, for example, if elements such as statistical RPG-style game and also various minigame in GTA: San Andreas will be present again. Hopefully these things will be answered in trailers next Rockstar released before the game actually released later.

Rockstar also has not given an official release date for GTA V. However, when looking at the development of the Grand Theft Auto series itself, could be a Rockstar will release the game when the new generation of consoles Xbox and PlayStation present. Indeed, it is still very early to conclude it, but when viewed habit Rockstar add the numbers behind the name of the GTA every time era of console gaming changed (GTA 2 for the PlayStation, GTA III for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, as well as GTA IV for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ), it is not impossible GTA V is prepared to welcome the two new generation consoles.



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