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Ubisoft Has Choosing Titles for the New Game Series Rainbow Six?

Ubisoft finally began showing signs that they will be again raised one of the game series they were already asleep some time, the Rainbow Six series. It was seen from the registration of the two web domain name that carries the name of the game series, and Both the web domain name shows that the title Rainbow Six: Patriots will most likely be used Ubisoft as new titles in the series Rainbow Six.

Rumors about the new game will be the presence of Rainbow Six series has long circulating on the Internet, precisely since mid-2011. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has so far refused to give official comments on the matter. But with both the domain registration, coupled with the news of the official announcement of the new Ubisoft game next month in the international media, reinforce indications presence of new games for the series!

Rainbow Six is one of the great series of games under the name Tom Clancy owned by Ubisoft. This series brought the genre of tactical shooter that certainly emphasizes the tactical aspects and teamwork than the cross fire in completing the missions there. Unfortunately, Ubisoft seemed to “forget” the series after the release of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 in the year 2008. Now, three years later than the release of Vegas 2, the emergence of a new game for the presence news Rainbow Six series would be welcome news for fans of the series.



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